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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Who Rules America in

Come you masters ofwar

You that build all the gunsYou that build the death planesYou that build the big bombsYou that hide behind wallsYou that hide behind desksI just want you to know I can see through your masksYou that never done nothin'But build to destroyYou play with my world Like it's your little toyYou put a gun in my handAnd you hide from my eyesAnd you turn and run farther When the fast bullets flyLike Judas of old You lie and deceiveA world war can be won You want me to believeBut I see through your eyes And I see through your brainLike I see through the water That runs down my drainYou fasten the triggers For the others to fireThen you set back and watchWhen the death count gets higher You hide in your mansionAs young people's blood Flows out of their bodies And is buried in the mudYou've thrown the worst fearThat can ever be hurledFear to bring children Into the worldFor threatening my baby Unborn and unnamedYou ain't worth the blood That runs in your veinsHow much do I know To talk out of turnYou might say that I'm young You might say I'm unlearnedBut there's one thing I know Though I'm younger than youEven Jesus would never Forgive what you doLet me ask you one question Is your money that goodWill it buy you forgivenessDo you think that it couldI think you will find When your death takes its tollAll the money you made Will never buy back your soulAnd I hope that you die And your death'll come soonI will follow your casket In the pale afternoonAnd I'll watch while you're lowered Down to your deathbedAnd I'll stand o'er your grave'Til I'm sure that you're dead

Bob Dylan


The nazi links of the Prior of Sion in


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