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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who really runs the world - Wikispiracy... Big business interests, Multinational Corporations, Banksters and the Military. Well its certainly true that the Banksters have a very large say in what

David Livingstone has qualities that are increasingly rare in this decadent era: a devotion to objective truth, a courageous independent spirit and a keen analytical mind. He has an encyclopedic capacity for detail.
His shortcoming is that he is too shy about making the grand generalizations necessary to understand why he is presenting his information. Perhaps this article will partly fulfill this function. One of the rewards of my work is knowing people like David Livingstone. I urge students of the Cabalist Conspiracy to read "The Illuminati and Terrorism: A Three Thousand Year History." Few works offer as much insight into the true character of the world we inhabit.
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