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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Babel Tower (see the European Parliament?)

Eurozone Central Bank Deception Rothschild illuminati Banking ... - [ Traduzir esta página ]
All the governing council of the European Monetary Union met not only about the ... The new Eurozone logo represents the “All Seeing Eye” of the illuminati. 12 stars in the flag represent 6+6 that equals the prime illuminati Occult

The Pope with Bush in the white house!

Vatican Propaganda Reaches All-Time High in 2009 Hollywood Release of the Movie Angels and DemonsThe movie claims Illuminati trying to destroy Vatican when in fact the Vatican is the Illuminati!! Tom Hanks and Ron Howard should know better but they are a big part of the propaganda movie happy to collect millions in dirty Vatican money.By Greg Szymanski, JDApril 8, 2008

Pope's Zionist Sabbateans


Note: The following article is from the May 2000 issue of The SPECTRUM ...
... that the information presented below is the studied opinion of Eric Jon Phelps. ... Phelps: The Jesuits obviously wrote the Protocols because they have ...

Jesuits on 'Hot Seat' and Focus of Attention in Recent NY Federal Lawsuit

NY state senate candidate wants court action on U.S. genocide, destruction of U.S. white middle class and Jesuit connection to undermining U.S. Constitution while controlling politicians.

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Mar. 22, 2008

Under a Freedom of Information request, the CIA denied giving a New York State Senate candidate information about the secret political and theological activities of Jesuit Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

In a letter to state candidate Christopher Strunk, CIA officials refused the FOIA request but advised him to file a lawsuit over the decision.

Strunk filed his case last week in the United States District Court Eastern District of New York, naming a host of defendants including Pope Benedict XVI, The Holy See, The Society of Jesus and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM).

The case was assigned to Federal District Judge Nina Gershon and sits on her desk awaiting a decision on a pauper's motion to waive the $465 filing fee.

In Strunk's complaint he seeks to require, based on forein espionage and spying, to require all Jesuit priests living and working in the United States to register as agents of a foreign power - The Vatican State - under the little known Logan Act. Read More


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