Beyond the Veil

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Beyond the Veil

"Most people are other people.Their thoughts are someone else's opinions,their lives a mimicry,their passions a quotation."
Oscar Wilde

In1990,I consciously began an incredible journey of self-discovery.I had no idea where it would lead,but I was going anyway.I'd had enough.This world had never made sense to me: the injustice,the stupidity,the way the system turns people into little more than machines working through a spin cycle of repeating experience and behaviour they histerically call 'life'.We don't live life--life live us.
There are exceptions and many will be reading this book,but most people are told what to think,where to go,what to do how to do it.Not so?Well,where do you get your 'information' that leads you to reach conclusions about yourself and the world?Who decides what time you get up every workday?Who decides where you go and what to do when you get there?Who decides how you do it?If you are like the overwhelming majoraty of people currently resident in this dreamworld,those decisions are not made by you at all; they are imposed by the 'system',the spider's web of control that dictates its will upon your 'life'.
You get your 'information' from the mainstream media that sells yuo the daily falsehoods on wich you decide what to think and believe.You have to get up at a certain time because you have to report for work and you can't be late.You where your bosses tell you to go and you do what they say.If you rebel you get fired and if you don't get paid you can't afford a home or enough to eat.And it's not only you.What about your family and others dependent upon you?If you don't serve the system what are the consequences for Them?To meet all these perceived needs and responsabilities,you have to spend every day keeping other people happy.In turn,the bosses are also slavishly following the inpositions of those who control Them and they dare not step out of line either.Bosses have bosses too.
Take a farmer supplying food to a supermarket; he dictates to his farmworkers and if they don't do as he tells them they're sacked.But he also has to do whatever the supermarket tells him or he loses the contract and can go out of business.At the next level,those running the supermarket have to answer to shareholders,who will themselves include people who serve their bosses,and bosses who serve their own bosses.Round and round it goes,this circle of dependency and imposition of will.One man's slave is another's man's master; one man's sheep is anothe man's shepherd.This is the way the world is purposely structured.The system wants everyone controlling everyone else and this is done in a billion different ways.What we call 'free societies' are Gulags by any other name.The system doesn't serve us--we serve it.We are slaves who delude ourselves that we are free because we don't want to face the reality of our plight.
I was on an American radio show one night when a caller made a great point.He likened humanity to the husband who knows his wife is being unfaithful,but is desperately trying to persuade himself it's not true.When she comes home he confronts her about where she's been and who she's been with.The husband knows the truth,but he is desperately hoping that his wife's explanation sounds credible enough for him to go on kidding himself that everything is fine.He'd rather hear a good lie than accept an unpleasant truth.In the same way,most people don't want to face the conspiracy and corruption of governments or ask why the countries go to war against defenceless civilians,including their own.When governments deliver the lies and excuses for their grotesque actions most people are ready to accept them because they want to believe the lies are true.The alternative is to face the fact that the government is not a benign servant of the people--it's the other way round.It is to face the reality that the forces which control the United States are capable of orchestrating the horrors of 9/11 and blaming someone else; and that they can brazenly attend funeral services for the victims while knowing they help to kill them.How many people are strong enough to face that and what it means for their lives?This is one major reason why the official lies prevail as accepted truth.The alternative is too unthinkable,too unbearable,to contemplate; so most people don't.Pass me a bucket,heavy on the sand.
The same is true of the collective denial we have about our lives.

By David Icke in the book "Infinite Love is the Only Truth,Everything Else is Illusion".

("Quanto maior for a mentira mais pessoas acreditam nela".)
"The bigger the lie the greater the number of people who will believe it".
Adolf Hitler

"Just look at us.Everything is backwards:everything is upside down.Doctors destroy health,lawyers destroy justice,universities destroy knowledge,governments destroy freedom,the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality".
Michael Ellner

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