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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is this the A.S.Eye?Hummm


There´s a financial war behind the curtain and we only see shadows for most of the time,i believe the strategie behind Merkel-Sarkozy is bad for debt-troubled states in europe right now , but is adressing the question of financial centers like the one in the city!

Atenttion,no oficial news(24/11/2011) Lawsuit against the NWO(or OWO)

Now read this,important follow up


(Note: the planned ceremony to put in place the capstone apex on the top of the Giza Piramide on the Millenium celebration was cancelled some weeks before the end of 1999)

Oh oh oh

Merovingian Bloodline and The Black Nobility
The book states unequivocally that the Masonic order called Societas .... The Vatican's interest in the US was clearly revealed in the secret 1822 Treaty of ... After Blair did convert to catholicism

The Vatican and Europe in trouble
All Roads Lead to Rothschild – United Nations of Film
The Vatican and the Pope, the Black Pope the Knights of Malta created Stalin, Mussolini and the ..... Zionism means Rothschild just as Israel means Rothschild. ...

Who is behind the State of Israel

A History of the War between English and - Scarlet and the Beast
Chapter 4: From England to France. After the 1688 revolution, English Freemasonry unites under the name Grand Lodge (1717) and claims motherhood to all ...

Masonic Foundations of the U.S.
The nine signatories who can now be established as proven Freemasons, and the ten who were possibly so, included such influential figures as Washington, ...

New Fulford Interview Transcript: Old World Order Nearing Defeat ?? the secret war in the USA

nieuwsbreker Militairen blazen bunkers van de elite en CIA op met ...
8 hours ago ... In the introduction to his interview with Fulford about the Denver and D.C. ... Tunnels to at least 13 underground bases being sealed off ... didn't seem to be aware of Obama and the Globalists' planned converging on Denver ...
- Underground bases in Australia

Is it all(Fulford story) just desinformation? desinformation?Can tell?

October Revolution?

Big Brother around the corner?

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