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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Royal Connection

The Intermediate Realm and the Royal Connection

The 'royal'connection to the Illuminati bloodlines is simple to explain.Aeons ago in what we call time,interbreeding began between humans and these reptilian and other entities.This is the origin of the constantly recurring stories throughout the ancient world about the 'gods',as they were perceived,interbreeding with human women.The best know version is in the Bible,which tells in Genesis of the Sons of God who interbred with the daughters of men to create a hybrid race called the Nefilim.The texts from which the English version was translated referred to the sons of the gods,plural,not the sons of a singular God.Almost every culture throughout the world has a similar story,including the Sumerians(4000 to 2000BC)in what is now Iraq(see .Their accounts told of the interbreeding with a non-human race called the Annunaki,and the hybrid children this produced(see .In southern Africa the same tale was told about the Chitauri,the 'Children of the Serpent'.Everywhere the story recurs,as does the theme of shape-shifting.In Asia,they had ancient gods they called the Nagas,whom they said could take either human or reptilian form.
These hybrid human-reptilian bloodlines became the 'royal'families of the ancient world and the idea of the 'Divine Right to Rule'was born.In truth,this 'right'was claimed because certain families had a genetic link to the 'gods'and acted as hybrid middlemen or 'demi-gods'.It was they who became the Kings,queens and emperors.In China,emperors claimed the right to rule as descendents of the 'serpent gods'and the foundation of Chinese culture,of course,is the dragon,an ancient symbol for the Reptilians.The ancient Kings of Media,near what today is Iran,were know as the 'Dragon Dynasty of Media',or the 'descendents of the dragon',and in Children of the Matrix I show how the theme of reptilian gods and their hybrid kings and queens is a global phenomenon.The same hybrid bloodlines are still in the positions of power today as political leaders and those who control the banking system,transnacional corporations,media etc.,hence the 'royal'genetic background to the dynasty of United States presidents from Washington to Bush.
Babylon,in modern day Iraq,is a crucial part of the story of the Illuminati and their bloodlines because it was once one of their ancient strongholds.The hybrid bloodlines expanded out of Babylon,Sumer,Egypt and elsewhere to rule not only Rome(thus the Roman Empire),but the whole of Europe.They became the European royal and aristocratic families and Britain,France and Germany became major Illuminati operational centres,especially London or Babylon-don.In the same way that the Illuminati were behind the Roman Empire,so they spawned the British Empire,the biggest ever know,or at least recorded.This,and other European empires,became the means through which the hybrid bloodline was placed in power across the world,including what became the United States of America.When the European empires apparently withdrew from their former colonies it was only a sleight of hand to deceive the people.They left behind the bloodline and the secret society networks that maipulated the blodline into power,and they have continued to control those countries ever since.The only diference is that they have more power now because at least under colonial rule the people knew who their masters were.Today they think they are running their own countries when,in fact,a hidden force has its hand on the tiller,and the politicians that the people think they have elected to lead them are only puppets.My other books have all the background and sources to support what I am describing here.
(In "Infinite Love is the Only Truth,Everything Else is Illusion".)
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another Look at Society

Education is a wonderful thing,provided you always remember that nothing worth knowing can ever be taught.
Oscar Wilde

Societies are not structured to be 'better for people' or any other life form.That's not the idea.They are designed to serve the Matrix,full stop,end.When you observe what we call society from the perspective of the virtual-reality game,and understand its agenda,you can see the method in the apparent madness we call 'life'.The Matrix is a multi-dimensional,self powered,free energy machine.The definition of free energy is something that produces more energy than it needs for itself.It is like your computer taking electricity from the plug for its own needs while somehow using that to produce energy for the whole house.The Matrix is a system which manipulates counsciousness trapped within its vibratory illusions to generate the energy that fuels the system.That energy is fear and its related emotions.To achive this,the Matrix(Illuminati)must:

1 Entrap consciousness in an illusory reality and cause it to 'forget' what it really is--the Infinite One.This is done through the system of broadcasting information in waveform that the DNA/RNA decodes into holograms that appear to be a 'solid' world.

2 Manipulate consciousness to believe its thoughts and emotions are its own and not the programmed reactions of the body software through the DNA.This is not difficult when we are constantly hearing thoughts and feeling emotions.Why would we think they were not ours unless we understand the game?Most people have no problem with the idea that mind control can implant thoughts (just watch a stage hypnotist at work)and what the Matrix does is just an infinitely more advanced version of this principle.

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