Beyond the Veil

Friday, August 11, 2006

"Decent people tend to find it somewhat difficult that there could be individuals so evil in nature as to actually wish to take control ofthe whole world under conditions amounting to theft,slavery,brutality and to have as their goal the imposition of a world totalitarian dictatorship".

Gunther K Russbacher in The Art of Global Politics.

The pyramid of Manipulation

The Illuminati have been working to a long planned and coordinated agenda to create a world government, central bank, army, and a micro-chipped population linked to a global computer. Anyone with an operational brain can see that all these things are now emerging ever more rapidly.
Under this edifice of global power are designed to be super states like the European Union (evolved out of the EEC free trade area), the American Union (to be evolved out of the NAFTA free trade area), and the Pacific Union (to be evolved out of the APEC free trade area). NATO (merging with the UN peacekeeping operation) is planned to be the world army, the world police force, to keep countries in line who do not wish to concede their sovereignty to the Illuminati world government, which is planned to evolve through the United Nations.
The structure of global control is pyramids inside pyramids. Very much like Russian dolls, one doll inside another. If you look at any organisation today you will see that it is structured as a pyramid. Those lower down the pyramid have no idea what the organisation they work for is really about. They just do their own job and go home every day. They don't know how what they do connects with other people's contribution to create a very obvious and sinister pattern and direction. Only the very few at the top know that. In this way the few can manipulate thousands in an organisation to advance an agenda that those thousands do not even know exists. There is a global version of this which manipulates billions in the same way.
These "individual" organisations, be they banks, trans-national corporations, media empires, NATO, etc., then fit into even bigger pyramids. So you find, for example, that at the peak of the global banking pyramid all the banks are ultimately controlled by the same people - the Illuminati. Same with the transnational corporations, the media, and so on. There is a global pyramid which encompasses the pyramids of banking, business, media, military, politics, and the other institutions that run the planet. At the peak of this pyramid you find the elite of the Illuminati who orchestrate their agenda for global control through all their, apparently unconnected, organisations.

David Icke in the Biggest Secret ( )

A agenda Illuminati:

The Illuminati/Masonic Symbology

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Dutch Police Logo with the Illuminati Torch

Masonic Blue Lodge Apron

The UN logo with a grid of 33 divisions

British Secret Services

Israel Supreme Court
British police and the black and white squares
The Glass Piramide at the Louvre/Paris

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